Phases of the Moon

Moon Phase Meanings

Working with the power of the moon in your rituals can be a powerful tool for movement, growth, change and healing. But, did you know that each phase that happens holds a specific and inherently useful energy to specific intentions? That’s right! You don’t need to wait an entire month to work with either a full or new moon, even though the energy of them are incredible and possibly more potent than the in-between phases, there is no telling what kind of manifestations you can unlock when practicing moon magic the entire month!

1. New Moon

This phase is the very beginning of the moon's new cycle. It is perfectly positioned between the earth and the sun and the dark side faces the earth. The new moon holds significant spiritual meanings and magical uses such as, manifesting new beginnings, setting new goals, reflecting on what you wish to create. Keywords are planning, creating, making time for. Ideas are fresh from the spirit during this time and it is important to decide what you do and don’t want in your life before taking any action. Now is the time to make room for yourself and reflect heavily on what you wish to have in the future, this is the dreaming state of the moon phases.

2. Waxing Crescent Moon

You spent the last phase contemplating on your goals, and plans for the month ahead. Now is the time that after having planted the seeds you are ready to water them for the first time! They are ready to start growing into the manifestations you wished for. Continue thinking about what it is you are manifesting. Do your visualization meditations and repeat your affirmations at this time, if you did a ritual for the new moon, revisit the intentions. You need to have courage to continue down this path until the full moon so keep your head up and don’t lose faith if you don’t see your dreams manifesting right away, you will begin to see them soon!

3. First Quarter Moon

This is a half moon phase on the way to the full moon, and you may have already started doubting or shifting your faith that your dreams are coming to fruition. It is time to water again, commit to your plans and goals, and take specific steps that can help you externally manifest them. If you are starting to lose steam on some of your ideas, take time to revisit them and see how they can shift to make you excited again. Now is the time to start working towards something instead of just thinking about it. Do another ritual to refresh your intentions during this time!

4. Gibbous Moon

Don’t give up, what else can you do to perfect your goals and manifestations? Stay on course and keep your mind sharp, during this time a mental clarity bath, or spell can benefit you to remind you of your specific reasons on why you're wanting something. Any work for creating patience and motivation. There is a lot of energy building and potential with this moon phase, harness it by finding what you are bursting with energy wise and releasing whatever you need to make room for your goals to flourish and become a reality. 

5. Full Moon

The full moon is radically more potent than the previous phases, in the way where she has led you to this point for knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. Now is a great time for honing in on what it was that manifested for you easily and what needs to be let go or what needs more time. There might be potential blocks that have shown themselves and now you can make room in your energy by releasing rituals, forgiveness meditations, etc. Your emotions might be heightened and your intuition might be activated during this time, harness this energy by doing a replacing energy ritual where whatever you release is replaced by something new and put this on your list of things to manifest for the next full moon. Now that you have done a lot of work and emotional grunt work for your goals now you can take time to let it go and take a deep breath and relax while things start to work and the wheel starts to turn. 

6. About 4-7 days after the full moon we have a Disseminating moon, where we can relax, regroup and take a deep breath. If nothing manifests for you during the full moon, it is time to take mental notes about what can happen next time and do plenty of self care work.

7. Going back to the New moon we have a Third Quarter phase about 7-10 days after the full moon. Revisit your notes about what you want to try again or continue manifesting. Trust, re-evaluate and balance. Take time to see how far you’ve come and what challenges you have faced and overcome.

8. Balsamic Moon

According to ‘Moonology’ by Yasmin Boland, this phase is 10 and a half days after the full moon, and continues into the New Moon. This phase is for surrendering, healing and soothing. You might feel beaten up or torn down or confused of what to do and stand at a crossroads, but this is a time to go easy on yourself before you can begin your manifesting journey. 

However you decide to use the power of the moon, it can be a wonderful tool for keeping mental notes on when you need to revisit goals and continue on a path, it can show you specific timelines and marks to hit on your path to creating something new in your life. I hope this guide assists you in manifesting the life you want!